Abderrahim Kitouni

Abderrahim is a software engineer at Codethink. He is also a member of the GNOME release team.

In a previous life, he was a math teacher at the university of Constantine in Algeria.

  • Building image-based OSes with BuildStream
Adrian Reber

Adrian is a Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat and is migrating processes at least since 2010. He started to migrate processes in a high performance computing environment and at some point he migrated so many processes that he got a PhD for that. Most of the time he is now migrating containers but occasionally he still migrates single processes.

  • Forensic container checkpointing and analysis
Adrian Vovk
  • Carbon OS + homed
Alban Crequy
  • Gaining Linux insights with Inspektor Gadget, an eBPF tool and systems inspection framework
Andreas Herrmann

Andreas is a physicist turned software engineer. He leads the Scalable Builds Group at Tweag, which contributes to Bazel, Buck2, and Pants, is Google’s first Bazel Community Expert, maintains Bazel extensions, and provides professional services. Andreas is passionate about functional programming, and hermetic and reproducible builds. He lives in Zurich and is active in the local Haskell community.

  • Fast, correct, reproducible builds with Nix + Bazel
Anita Zhang

Anita Zhang is the engineerd managerd (i.e. software engineering manager) of Meta's Linux Umbrella collection of teams. It includes the Linux Userspace, OpenBMC Compute/Storage, and Accelerator Userspace teams. She continues to collaborate with the systemd project through her team's contributions.

  • Adventures of Linux Userspace at Meta
Carlos Tadeu Panato Junior

Carlos Panato is a Staff Software Engineer at Chainguard, Inc., who’s working on development and infrastructure using Kubernetes and containers. Previously, he’s worked on development, testing, processes, and management. He contributes to several CNCF/LF projects and it is an active community member across the OSS universe

  • Wolfi: A Secure-by-Default Distro for Curing Container CVE Chaos
Chris Kuehl

Chris is a long-time member of the Linux community and currently a Principal Technical PM at Microsoft.
Formerly, he was a founder and CEO at Kinvolk which was acquired by Microsoft in 2021. Prior to all that, He was a member of the GNOME community working on various projects.
Chris is a founder of the All Systems Go! and Cloud Native Rejekts conferences.

  • Gaining Linux insights with Inspektor Gadget, an eBPF tool and systems inspection framework
Christian Brauner
  • New Mount API
Daan De Meyer

I'm a maintainer of the systemd and mkosi projects and work on the Linux Userspace team at Meta.

  • systemd-repart: Building Discoverable Disk Images
  • mkosi: Building Bespoke Operating System Images
Daniel Maslowski


  • Attaching CPUs via USB
David Runge

I am a freelance software developer working mostly on open technologies.
As one of the Arch Linux developers I spend some of my free time packaging all sorts of software, as well as writing some of my own for the distribution.

  • Oxidizing the Arch Linux packaging infrastructure
Dmitry Levin

Dmitry is a long time contributor to free software projects, including strace, Linux kernel, the GNU libc, Linux-PAM, systemd, and many others.
Being the maintainer of strace since 2009, Dmitry gives talks about this tool for various audiences.

  • Why would you still want to use strace in 2023?
Emil Velikov

Open source developer, geeking across the stack

Former #mesa3d release manager, Linux, Mesa, Xorg, Wayland, libva ... contributor.

  • A/B partitioning - let's talk about the dirty RW files
  • Casync is not dead, or how I learned to love desync
  • A story of a bootloader^W^Wthree bootloaders
Eugene Syromiatnikov

A strace developer. Used to work in an HPC-related field. Currently employed at Red Hat as a software engineer in the kernel maintainers team, responsible for producing Driver Updates, and maintenance of various RHEL packages, including strace and Intel CPU microcode updates.

  • Why would you still want to use strace in 2023?


  • tvix-store
Jakov Petrina Trnski

Jakov is currently a Firmware Engineer at Sartura. He has previously been involved in the Sysrepo / Netopeer2 project working on OpenWrt plugins.

Jakov is currently leading the development effort behind Replica.one — an open source firmware build system.

  • Replica.one: A Software-defined Operating System
James Morris

Worked in Tech Infrastructure in financial services since 2001. Currently working in Platform and Virtualization Engineering at Two Sigma in NYC. Responsibilities include configuration management, host automation, code shepherding, container and os image generation and baremetal installation and upgrades

  • Principle of least configuration
James Strong

James joined Chainguard after a long stint of helping customers migrate to the Cloud and Kubernetes. Security was the number one issue he saw when doing these migrations and now wants to help secure their supply chains. James is also the co-author of O’Reilly’s Networking & Kubernetes, KubePhilly Meetup organizer, ACloud Guru instructor and when he is not at a computer, you can find him in the gym doing Olympic weightlifting or on the rugby pitch.

  • Wolfi: A Secure-by-Default Distro for Curing Container CVE Chaos
Julian Andres Klode

Julian started working on Debian and Ubuntu in his free time in 2007 in the area of package management, contributing to apt itself since 2009, primarily since 2015, and joined Canonical in 2018 where he continued working on apt as well as other system software, testing automation, and boot loaders.

  • 64-bit time_t on armhf: Running abi-compliance-checker on all of Ubuntu
  • WIP: Sandboxing APT
Kai Lüke

I work on Flatcar Container Linux for some years now and also had my hands on the Kubernetes distribution Lokomotive and the eBPF tooling Inspektor Gadget and traceloop. As part of the Kinvolk team I joined Microsoft. In my spare time I'm maintaining GNOME Disks and have many ideas of software yet to be built.

  • System and Configuration Extensions for Image-based Linux Distros and Beyond
Kai Michaelis

Kai is co-founder of Niche Systems and board member of the Open Source Firmware Foundation. He earned a Master's degree in computer security in 2018 from Ruhr University Bochum and has previously worked on remote attestation, firmware and GnuPG.

  • An Unified TPM Event Log for Linux
Lennart Poettering

I work on systemd.

  • Linux & TPMs
  • Unified Kernel Images (UKIs)
Luca Boccassi

Software engineer at Microsoft by day, open source developer involved in various projects by night (systemd maintainer, DPDK LTS maintainer, ZeroMQ project co-lead, Debian Developer).

  • Soft Reboot: atomically replace rootfs and reboot userspace without kernel restart
  • PID FD-ize all the things!
  • System and Configuration Extensions for Image-based Linux Distros and Beyond
  • Microsoft Azure Boost: Image-based Linux powering the Azure fleet. Wait, what? Really?! Yes!
Ludwig Nussel

Ludwig is a senior operating system engineer working for SUSE.

  • systemd-boot integration in openSUSE
Maanya Goenka

I am Maanya Goenka, a software engineer on the Linux Systems Group team at Microsoft. I work on the Azure Boost platform on the development and testing side of things. I graduated from Carleton College in Minnesota, USA, in June 2022 and have been with the team ever since, for almost a year now. I have had the opportunity to work on open-source projects and private Microsoft owned repositories during my time here and am excited to be able to present at this conference and provide a glimpse of some of the work I have been doing at the company so far.

  • System and Configuration Extensions for Image-based Linux Distros and Beyond
Magnus Kulke

Magnus Kulke is a software engineer at Microsoft, working in the Azure Core organization. He has an academic background in Humanities and Computer Science and has been working in the software industry for around 15 years. He is passionate about Open Source, automation, virtualization, and cloud computing. He has been held various engineering and leadership position across different industries, such as mobility, sustainability, and tech. He lives in Berlin with his family.

  • Trusted, Confidential and Cloud Native Workloads. An intro to the Confidential Containers project
Michal Koutný

I am employed by SUSE. I work on things related to cgroups.

  • Retake of service restarts
Noel Georgi (he/him/they/them)

Engineer at Sidero Labs

Outside work talks actively about politics, loves traveling and trails on motorbike.

  • Talos Linux - TrustedBoot for a minimal Immutable OS
Patrick Williams

Patrick is a software engineer currently at Meta where he leads their BMC software team. He has worked on systems management firmware at various companies for a long time. Patrick was one of the founding developers of the OpenBMC project and is a primary maintainer.

  • asynchronous dbus with C++ co-routines
Paul Menzel

A economic-mathematician by education, administrating and working on FLOSS made the most fun. Working for three years on deploying Ruby-on-Rails applications, I joined the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, which is one of the institutes still trying to understand the whole IT infrastructure, and therefore relies on FLOSS – especially everything GNU/Linux related.

  • Booting fast: Why does power-on to login still last longer than one second?
  • Disaggregated networks: Is network hardware special?
Quentin Deslandes

I work at Meta as part of the Linux Userspace team, aiming to contribute to open-source projects.

  • bpfilter: a BPF-based packet filtering framework
Richard Brown

Richard is a Distributions Architect at SUSE, where I’ve has worked in various roles since 2013, including QA Engineer, Technical Lead for openQA, and Linux Distribution Engineer.

An SUSE/openSUSE user since 2003, finding himself helping out more and more as time went on.

He has been intimately involved in many of openSUSE’s most interesting projects over the years, including Evergreen, Leap, Tumbleweed, MicroOS and Kubic.

He had the pleasure of being the openSUSE Project’s Chairperson from 2014 until 2019.

Most recently, He founded the MicroOS Desktop project, now known as openSUSE Aeon.

  • openSUSE Aeon - Desktop Linux finally done right?
Rouven Czerwinski

Rouven started working with Pengutronix in 2016, initially focusing on testing embedded Linux systems.
Since then he has worked on securing embedded Linux platforms using verified boot and also enabled platforms to provide secret key storage for cloud-connectivity. Nowadays he focuses on the embedded Linux media and graphics stack, debugging performance issues and improving the quality of upstream media pipelines.

  • Exploring RAUC: A Flexible Building Block for Image-Based Updates
Scott Moser

Scott Moser is a software engineer for Cisco Systems. He has worked in software development on linux for more than 20 years. He and his team at Cisco work on an image-based linux for managing containers. He has an amazing large family that occupies most of his free time.

Please feel free to reach out to smoser on github.com.

  • Kernel command line and UKI; systemd-stub and the ‘stubby’ alternative
Sebastian Gajek

Professor for IT security and CTO at enclaive.cloud. Cryptographer by heart, chasing for a solution how to guard cloud and cloud native applications since 2004. Proud dad, Shiba Inu walker, and husband

  • Confidential Compute: State-of-the-art and how to get started
Sweet Tea Dorminy

I (Sweet Tea) have worked on kernel storage since graduating from MIT in 2013. I've been a fan of open source, particularly storage technology, since I started using Gentoo in '05, and was fortunate to get a job out of college working on Linux kernel storage. I began at a startup called Permabit working on a then-proprietary software-defined storage device providing dedupe and compression, which was acquired by Red Hat in 2017. dm-vdo has now been open sourced and is working on going upstream soon. In 2022, I joined the btrfs team at Meta, and have been working on adding filesystem encryption to btrfs since.

  • Encrypted Btrfs Subvolumes: Keeping Container Storage Safe
Thorsten Kukuk

I'm a Destinguished Engineer at SUSE and with the company now for more than 24 years. Additional I'm the Senior Architect for MicroOS and leading the Future Technology Team. Previously, I was the primary Project Manager for the SLES for many years. I have a long history in open source projects.

  • Y2038: replace utmp with logind
Valentin David

By day, Valentin works on Ubuntu Core at Canonical. By night, he contributes to Freedesktop SDK and GNOME OS as a member of the GNOME foundation.

  • Building image-based OSes with BuildStream
Vinnie Magro

Production Engineer @ Meta working on filesystem image builds

  • antlir2: Deterministic image builds with buck2
Wicher Minnaard

Computer forensic investigator turned software engineer.
I enjoy looking under the hood of pretty much anything.

Currently working as a backend engineer with Django+PostgreSQL, plus Android app development, network engineering, and any odd-size problems that come my way thrown in.

  • Making a magic deduplicating tar using the FICLONE ioctl
Xe Iaso

Xe Iaso is an Archmage of Infrastructure who loves to work with various programming languages, data mashups and WebAssembly. Their blog xeiaso.net is regularly cited as one of the best places to learn Nix and NixOS. Xe is passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with others, and has given talks at various conferences and events. Xe is also a coffee lover, a voice control enthusiast and a proud owner of a cheese grater that saved Christmas.

  • Writing your own NixOS modules for fun and (hopefully) profit