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“Container Live Migration”

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“Traceloop for systemd and Kubernetes + Inspektor Gadget”

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“Yomi - an openSUSE installer based on SaltStack”

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“Rootless, Reproducible & Hermetic: Secure Container Build Showdown”

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“oomd2 and beyond: a year of improvements”

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“How Microsoft SQL Server Went Multi-Platform: SQLPAL”

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“Closing” | “Opening”

Christian Kellner

“The state of Thunderbolt on GNU/Linux”

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“oomd2 and beyond: a year of improvements”

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“systemd @ Facebook in 2019”

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“PostgreSQL at low level: stay curious!”

Filipe Brandenburger

“Using RPMs for systemd development” | “Revamping libcontainer's systemd driver”

Franz Pletz

“Purely Functional Package Management”

Gunter Miegel

“Coinboot - Cost effective, diskless GPU clusters for blockchain hashing and beyond”

Hannu Valtonen

“Stateful systems on immutable infrastructure”

Ignaz Forster

“Transactional Updates with Btrfs”

Jérémy Rosen

“Buildroot : Using embedded tools to build container images”

Joel Rebello

“BMC management with bmc-toolbox”

Johannes Scheuermann

“Trust is good, control is better - A (short) story about Network Policies”

Johannes Weiner

“Senpai - Automatic memory sizing for containers”

John Studarus

“Securing Bare Metal Micro Services: Service Mesh”

Jose E. Marchesi

“GNU poke, an extensible editor for structured binary data” | “eBPF support in the GNU Toolchain”

Julia Kartseva

“Custom cgroup-bpf programs in systemd”

Lennart Poettering

“Boot Loader Specification + sd-boot” | “Reinventing Home Directories”

Lindsay Salisbury

“Building Portable Service Images with Buck”

Marcel Holtmann

“iwd - State of the union” | “Development and testing with lrun”

Martin Sehnoutka

“Linux distro should be an upstream contributor too”

Maximilian Bischoff

“Trust is good, control is better - A (short) story about Network Policies”

Nikolai Kondrashov

“Microcontroller Firmware from Scratch”

Oskari Saarenmaa

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“News from the coreboot land” | “Alternatives to standard utilities”

Siteshwar Vashisht

“Squeezing Water from Stone - KornShell in 2019”

Tejun Heo

“Resource control @ Facebook - 2019”

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“Atomic updates and configuration files in /etc”

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“Distributing Freedesktop SDK applications to Flatpak, Snappy and Docker”