Adrian Reber

Adrian is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat and is migrating processes at least since 2010. He started to migrate processes in a high performance computing environment and at some point he migrated so many processes that he got a PhD for that. Occasionally he still migrates single processes.

  • Container Live Migration
Alban Crequy

Originally from France, Alban currently lives in Berlin where he is a CTO & co-founder at Kinvolk. He is a contributor to rkt, a container runtime for Linux, Weave Scope, a container visualization & monitoring tool, and is actively working on BPF-related projects. Before falling into containers, Alban worked on various projects core to modern Linux; kernel IPC and storage, dbus performance and security, etc. His current technical interests revolve around networking, security, systemd and containers at the lower-levels of the system.

  • Traceloop for systemd and Kubernetes + Inspektor Gadget
Alberto Planas Dominguez

Mostly a Python developer, working on SUSE Linux GmbH since 2012.

  • Yomi - an openSUSE installer based on SaltStack
Aleksa Sarai

Aleksa Sarai is a core developer and maintainer of runc and umoci, contributor
to the Open Container Initiative specifications, and a Linux kernel
contributor. He works on the containers team at SUSE, maintaining various core
parts of the lower levels of the containers stack and related software for both
SUSE Linux Enterprise and openSUSE; he is also committed to working in the
open, and is a strong proponent of Free Software.

  • OCIv2: Container Images Considered Harmful
Andrew Martin

Andrew has an incisive security engineering ethos gained architecting and deploying high-traffic web applications. Proficient in systems development, testing, and operations, he is comfortable profiling and securing every tier of a bare metal or cloud native application, and has battle-hardened experience delivering containerised solutions to enterprise clients. He is a co-founder at

  • Rootless, Reproducible & Hermetic: Secure Container Build Showdown
Anita Zhang

Anita is a software engineer on the Containers team at Facebook. Her primary work is around supporting systemd in the Facebook ecosystem.

  • oomd2 and beyond: a year of improvements
Argenis Fernandez

Argenis Fernandez is a Principal Program Manager with the Microsoft Database Systems team based in Redmond, WA. He has worked with SQL Server since 1998.

Previously Argenis worked as a Principal Architect for Pure Storage, as a Lead Database Operations Engineer at SurveyMonkey, and Senior Consultant on SQL Server Core for Microsoft Consulting Services. In 2013 he founded the Security Virtual Chapter for the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) (

Argenis is a SQL community enthusiast and speaks frequently at major SQL Server conferences, including the PASS Summit, PASS SQL Rally, IT/Dev Connections, SQLBits, and TechEd. He is also a Microsoft Certified Master on SQL Server, an avid Twitter user (you can follow him at @DBArgenis), and occasional blogger on SQL Server topics at

  • How Microsoft SQL Server Went Multi-Platform: SQLPAL
Brian Gianforcaro


  • How Microsoft SQL Server Went Multi-Platform: SQLPAL
Chris Kuehl
  • Opening
  • Closing
Christian Brauner

Kernel Engineer

  • pidfds: Process file descriptors on Linux
Christian Kellner

Code Monkey at RedHat - Linux Desktop Hardware Enablement. Neuroscientist & Philosopher in former lives. [he / him]

  • The state of Thunderbolt on GNU/Linux
Daniel Xu

I'm currently a production engineer at Facebook. I've worked and work on various open source projects and hope to continue to do so in the future.

  • oomd2 and beyond: a year of improvements
Dan Schatzberg

Dan Schatzberg is a Research Scientist at Facebook New York, focusing on pushing server utilization to its limits. He currently works on integrating resource control mechanisms in the Linux kernel with container and host configuration systems. Prior to Facebook, he pursued his Ph.D at Boston University exploring novel kernel architectures for high performance applications.

  • Resource control @ Facebook - 2019
Dan Walsh

Daniel Walsh is a Senior Distinguished Engineer at Red Hat. Joined Red Hat in August 2001. Red Hat Container Runtime Engineering team Architect. Focuses on CRI-O, Buildah, Podman, containers/storage and containers/image. Previos leader of the SELinux project.

  • Generating seccomp profiles for containers using podman and eBPF
Davide Cavalca

Davide Cavalca is a Production Engineer at Facebook on the Operating Systems team. Davide has been working in the systems space for over 10 years, always with a strong focus towards open source and automation.

  • systemd @ Facebook in 2019
David Kaltschmidt

David is the Director of UX at Grafana Labs and focuses mainly on workflows around monitoring with Prometheus. Previously he worked at companies such as Kausal, Weaveworks, Oracle, and Siemens Research. David has been building UIs for the networking industry for over a decade. He’s recently joined the sourdough train and is now baking way too much bread.

  • Effective infrastructure monitoring with Grafana
David Strauss

David is the CTO and co-founder at Pantheon, a platform for supporting website operations for content management. He has been a systemd contributor since 2011 and a Drupal contributor since 2006, both with a focus on performance and security optimization.

  • Privacy-Respecting Linux Desktop Monitoring
Dmitrii Dolgov

Software engineer at Zalando, PostgreSQL contributor.

  • PostgreSQL at low level: stay curious!
Eugene Birukov
  • How Microsoft SQL Server Went Multi-Platform: SQLPAL
Filipe Brandenburger

I'm a Linux plumber and I have been involved in systemd development for about 5 years now. I'm also a Fedora packager.

  • Revamping libcontainer's systemd driver
  • Using RPMs for systemd development
Franz Pletz

Franz has been herding Linux systems since 20 years and was a Debian contributor before being sucked into the NixOS community a few years ago. He was NixOS release manager for two releases and is a member of the NixOS security team.

  • Purely Functional Package Management
Gunter Miegel

As a System Engineer Gunter appreciates Software Craftsmanship and is dedicated to Open Source Technology. He has gained over 10 years of experience with Open Source Technology in the tech industry - mostly in the domain of IT infrastructure - from planing and developing to running and operating it.
2018 he founded the Coinboot project.

  • Coinboot - Cost effective, diskless GPU clusters for blockchain hashing and beyond
Hannu Valtonen

Hannu Valtonen is the maintainer of the PostgreSQL extension pgmemcache, the PostgreSQL backup daemon pghoard and the replication/failover monitor pglookout. For the last decade his day job's have revolved around developing very large scale distributed systems.

In 2015 he co-founded Aiven and has been working there on next generation cloud database services as VP Product. (

  • Stateful systems on immutable infrastructure
Ignaz Forster

Has been working on Linux distributions for over 10 years and joined SUSE as a Research Engineer in 2018; currently working on transactional-update, Ignition, IMA/EVM and openSUSE MicroOS related topics.

  • Transactional Updates with Btrfs
  • Atomic updates and configuration files in /etc
Jérémy Rosen

Jeremy Rosen is a French engineer with more than fifteen years of experience in all aspects of embedded linux systems and open-source developement. He manages the expertise branche of Smile-ECS and gives courses in various embedded linux developement and integration, specializing in the “plumbing” layer of linux.

  • Buildroot : Using embedded tools to build container images
Joel Rebello

I'm a Site Reliability Engineer at,
where I help build tooling to automate lifecycle management for our fleet of bare metal servers,
the bmc-toolbox project was the result of our attempt to break free from vendor specific hardware.

  • BMC management with bmc-toolbox
Johannes Scheuermann

Johannes Scheuermann has been working as a Cloud Platform Engineer at inovex since 2014. His daily work involves innovative technologies and topics all around the modern data center environment, like Kubernetes, immutable infrastructure and – quite obviously – cloud platforms. Amongst other things Johannes supported the construction of the platform for EXARING and multiple big Kubernetes platforms for 1&1 Internet (, GMX etc.) in a leading role.

  • Trust is good, control is better - A (short) story about Network Policies
Johannes Weiner

Johannes has been working on Linux memory management since 2008, and cgroups since 2011. He is currently on the Facebook kernel team where he focuses on memory efficiency and containerization.

  • Senpai - Automatic memory sizing for containers
John Studarus

John is a technology evangelist merging together his interests in computing infrastructure, networking, and software security. His background includes leading product teams, writing prototype code and examining distributed systems at Fortune 500s and startups alike. He brings a rare combination of technical expertise and product strategy and is just as comfortable writing code as he is developing a product strategy.

  • Securing Bare Metal Micro Services: Service Mesh
Jose E. Marchesi

GNU hacker and maintainer.
Member of the GNU Advisory Committee.
Founder of GNU Spain back in 1999.
Current maintainer of sed, recutils, ferret.
Past maintainer of gv and ghostscript.
Maintainer of the SPARC and BPF ports of binutils.
Maintainer of the SPARC port of elfutils.
Contributor to many GNU programs and other free software projects.
Tech Lead of the Toolchain Team at Oracle Inc.

  • eBPF support in the GNU Toolchain
  • GNU poke, an extensible editor for structured binary data
Julia Kartseva

Software Engineer at Facebook, ex Yandex.

  • Custom cgroup-bpf programs in systemd
Juliano Martinez

I'm a Systems Engineer who loves to play with software and hardware at scale. I'm currently working at where I have fun working on bmc-toolbox and helping to develop and improve our bare-metal provisioning system.

  • BMC management with bmc-toolbox
Lennart Poettering
  • Reinventing Home Directories
  • Boot Loader Specification + sd-boot
Lindsay Salisbury

I am a Production Engineer at Facebook working on their large scale Container system called Tupperware. I have spoken previously at All Systems Go about our specialized use of the Portable Services concept called 'Composable Services'. I have a strong interest in container runtimes, how they operate, and how the images they run are constructed. I also like Cats.

  • Building Portable Service Images with Buck
Marcel Holtmann

Marcel Holtmann is part of Intel's Open Source Technology Center. He is the maintainer of the BlueZ open source Bluetooth stack and has been working on Bluetooth technology since 2001. Marcel chairs the Bluetooth Internet Working Group and is a member of the Bluetooth Architectural Review Board. Marcel is involved in open source projects including oFono, iwd, ConnMan involving a wide variety of modern wireless technologies.

  • Development and testing with lrun
  • iwd - State of the union
Martin Sehnoutka
  • Linux distro should be an upstream contributor too
Maximilian Bischoff

Maximilian Bischoff joined inovex as a Cloud Platform Engineer in 2018 and has since worked on topics such as testing kubernetes, edge computing and observability. He authored illuminatio, a tool for testing kubernetes network policies, as part of his master thesis.
Currently he is leading the implementation of istio on top of the Kubernetes platform of 1&1 Mail and Media (, GMX, etc.).

  • Trust is good, control is better - A (short) story about Network Policies
Nikolai Kondrashov

A self-taught software engineer, born in Russia, living in Finland. Working at Red Hat, and doing embedded and electronics as a hobby.

  • Microcontroller Firmware from Scratch
Oskari Saarenmaa

Oskari Saarenmaa is the CEO and one of the founders of Aiven, a cloud technology startup turning the best open source technologies into managed cloud services. Oskari was previously as a software architect designing secure, large-scale database systems and network security infrastructure and continues to be an open source enthusiast with numerous contributions into popular open source database and infrastructure projects.

  • Impact of zstd
Paul Menzel

Paul Menzel got his degree in Economic Mathematics at the Technical University of Berlin. But since late high school, he spent all his time in the FLOSS world, and got hooked by the coreboot project, and is a user and supported for over ten years. After working three years at a Web application development company, he is now part of the IT group of the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics.

  • Alternatives to standard utilities
  • News from the coreboot land
Philip Withnall

Software developer at Endless, working at the toolkit and system level. Recent work has included metered data, parental controls, peer to peer support for OSTree and flatpak, and some GLib maintenance. I’m interested in sustainability.

  • Time-limited login sessions
Siteshwar Vashisht

I work as a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat and maintain Bash, KornShell and few other packages. In past I have been involved in number of projects like fish shell, Sailfish OS etc. Currently I am one of the upstream maintainers of KornShell.

  • Squeezing Water from Stone - KornShell in 2019
Tejun Heo

Tejun has been working on various aspects of the Linux kernel for over a decade and is currently focusing on cgroup2 and resource control at Facebook.

  • Resource control @ Facebook - 2019
Valentin David

Developer at Codethink. Working on Freedesktop SDK and BuildStream projects.

  • Distributing Freedesktop SDK applications to Flatpak, Snapd and Docker
Ville Tainio
  • Impact of zstd