Marcel Holtmann

Marcel Holtmann is part of Intel's Open Source Technology Center. He is the maintainer of the BlueZ open source Bluetooth stack and has been working on Bluetooth technology since 2001. Marcel chairs the Bluetooth Internet Working Group and is a member of the Bluetooth Architectural Review Board. Marcel is involved in open source projects including oFono, iwd, ConnMan involving a wide variety of modern wireless technologies.


Development and testing with lrun

During development and testing it is often needed to test different kernels or run various sets of unit tests quickly. With lrun it is possible to do exactly that. It utilizes existing technology including UML, KVM and Namespaces to facility different environments. It has been in active use for testing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features on Linux and can be easily extended to other technologies in the future. This presentation will introduce lrun and its design. It will also show demos of its current use cases.

iwd - State of the union

The open source wireless daemon iwd has been introduced about 5 years ago and has seen an active development since its inception. The last year has been focused on behind the scenes work for new Wi-Fi standards that make connection setup faster, make roaming smoother and also introduce new security standards including WPA3. This presentation will demonstrate the new advances in Wi-Fi support for Linux and show how they improve the usage from within Network Manager and other connection managers.