Alban Crequy
  • Configuration Driven Event Tracing with Traceleft and eBPF
Alexander Larsson
  • Flatpak, a technical walkthrough
Alexei Starovoitov

A self-taught software engineer. Interested in low-level and embedded programming. Working at Red Hat Common Logging team. Founder of the DIGImend project. Born in Russia, living in Finland.

  • BPF and the future of the kernel extensibility
Alvaro Leiva Geisse
  • Playing with casync @ instagram
  • Using systemd to high level languages
Andrew Martin
  • The State of Your Supply Chain
Antonio (runcom) Murdaca
  • CRI-O: All the Runtime Kubernetes need
Ben Breard
  • Fedora CoreOS
Blake Irvin
  • To Run an App With Guarantees We Must First Create The Universe
Chris Koch

Iago brought his relaxed Spanish demeanor to Berlin a few years back. Since then, he’s been diving and swimming around the internals of various Linux flavors; Android, embedded and Cloud. He’s a top contributor to the rkt project and for the past year he was pushing the limits of eBPF to get runtime statistics. Although he once got distracted by functional programming, his daily tasks see him working mainly in Go and C.

  • Netboot21: Bootloaders in the 21st Century
Christian Kellner

Michael is a Software Engineer from Berlin where he works on low-level Linux software at Kinvolk GmbH, a Linux development company. Before that, he was working as a Backend and Operations Engineer for a Swiss Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider.

  • Thunderbolt 3 hardware enablement for GNU/Linux
Dalton Hubble
  • Early boot provisioning systems
Daniel Feinberg
  • Monitoring File System Syscalls in a Distributed Architecture
Daniel Xu
  • oomd
Dan Walsh
  • Replacing Docker with Podman
Davide Cavalca
  • State of systemd @ Facebook
David Herrmann
  • nettools
  • dbus-broker
David Strauss
  • Little Services, Big Risks
Dongsu Park
  • Being compliant with Open Container Initiative Spec
Eduardo Silva
  • Fluent Bit: Solving Logging Challenges for Cloud Native Environments
Eric Myhre
  • Path-agnostic binaries, co-installable libraries, and How To Have Nice Things
Frank Becker

Sylvain is a principal software engineer at Red Hat. His main interests are networking and SDN solutions.

  • Is my system fast?
Iago López Galeiras
  • HTTP tunneling in Go using HTTP/2 streams
Johannes Weiner

Stef is an avid open source hacker. He's contributed to over a hundred open source projects. He can be found preaching about continuous integration and working on the Cockpit Linux admin interface. He's a usability freak. Stef lives in Germany, and works at Red Hat.

  • Resource Control @FB
Klaus Kämpf
  • From Physical to Cloud to Container
Lennart Poettering
  • Portable Services are Ready to Use
  • systemd in 2018
Lindsay Salisbury
  • Container Run-times and Fun-times
Liz Rice

Maxime Hadjinlian is an embedded Linux engineer at Devialet. He was involved in the creation of the current and future software stack running on Devialet’s product. He also contributes in his spare time to a few open-source projects, including Buildroot.

  • A debugger from scratch
Matthias Brugger
  • Kexec/Kdump under the hood
Paul Menzel
  • LinuxBoot and booting fast
Philipp Krenn

Stephen Hemminger is a Linux developer who specializes in networking. He is maintainer of the Linux bridging and the iproute2 utilities. Having been involved with TCP/IP since the early days of UNIX. He is a member of the DPDK Technical Advisory Board. Steve has written many network drivers for Linux including netem, vxlan, and Marvell sky2 Ethernet devices. Many of his contributions have involved integrating so many different networking pieces that he decided to give himself the title of Network Plumber.

  • Scale Your Auditing Events
Philip Withnall
  • Peer to peer OS and flatpak updates
Robert Foss
  • Running Android on the Mainline Graphics Stack
Sargun Dhillon
  • Titus: Adventures in Multi-tenant Scheduling
Simon Peter

Theresa is a PhD student and research assistant at the Internet Network Architectures (INET) group at TU Berlin. With a background in telecommunications and computer science, she is doing research in computer networking. Her PhD topic is about how getting information about multiple available access networks from a host perspective, and how to make useful choices between them.

  • 2018 Desktop Linux Platform Issues
Stef Walter
  • Using Machine Learning to find Linux bugs
  • Is Cockpit Secure?
Stéphane Graber

Eric is a sneakernet advocate and general-purpose hopeful. His dream is for computers to A) work, B) work reliably, C) work over time and D) all of the above, anywhere, regardless of internet connectivity. Currently focused on: Reproducible builds -- making them not just possible, but in fact making them so easy and so natural that reproducible builds become the norm.

  • Past, present and future of system containers
Suchakra Sharma
  • Configuration Driven Event Tracing with Traceleft and eBPF
Sylvain Afchain
  • Efficient Network Analytics with BPF/eBPF using Skydive
Tejun Heo

Holger Levsen has been a Debian user for 20 years and started contributing 15 years ago. He got involved in doing QA work on Debian in 2007 via first working on piuparts, which led him to start in 2012. At the end of 2013 he had the idea to use this jenkins setup and a small script to build some packages twice and compare the results. That's how he got involved in Reproducible Builds.

  • Resource Control @FB
Theresa Enghardt
  • The Future of Networking APIs
Thomas Graf
  • Cilium - Bringing the BPF Revolution to Kubernetes Networking and Security
Tom Gundersen
  • nettools
  • dbus-broker
Vincent Batts

Originally from South Korea, he settled in Berlin a few years ago. In the past he did mainly Linux system programming when working for a German IaaS provider. Recently he has been involved in open source projects such as systemd, fleet, rkt. He usually works in Go and C, and also likes to learn about fresh programming languages like Rust.

  • Container Runtimes: draw some lines
  • Passive filesystem verification
Vivek Das Mohapatra

Max is a test engineer at CoreOS hacking on Kubernetes and Prometheus. Previously a frontend engineer working on ReactJS integrations and UI component testing, he decided to stop suppressing his interest for distributed systems at scale and joined CoreOS. Now he implements new testing infrastructures and development automations to support the Tectonic and the Prometheus project.

  • libcapsule
William Smith

CTO of superscale networks.
15y into linux userspace in embedded devices.

  • Monitoring Linux Capabilities in the Container using BPF
Zeal Jagannatha
  • Chef in Strange Places
Zeeshan Ali Khan
  • Fearless Multimedia Programming