Alban Crequy

“Configuration Driven Event Tracing with Traceleft and eBPF”

Alexander Larsson

“Flatpak, a technical walkthrough”

Alexei Starovoitov

“BPF and the future of the kernel extensibility”

Alvaro Leiva Geisse

“Playing with casync @ instagram” | “Using systemd to high level languages”

Andrew Martin

“The State of Your Supply Chain”

Antonio (runcom) Murdaca

“CRI-O: All the Runtime Kubernetes need”

Ben Breard

“Fedora CoreOS”

Blake Irvin

“To Run an App With Guarantees We Must First Create The Universe ”

Chris Koch

“Netboot21: Bootloaders in the 21st Century”

Christian Kellner

“Thunderbolt 3 hardware enablement for GNU/Linux”

Dalton Hubble

“Early boot provisioning systems”

Daniel Feinberg

“Monitoring File System Syscalls in a Distributed Architecture”

Daniel Xu


Dan Walsh

“Replacing Docker with Podman”

Davide Cavalca

“State of systemd @ Facebook”

David Herrmann

“nettools” | “dbus-broker”

David Strauss

“Little Services, Big Risks”

Dongsu Park

“Being compliant with Open Container Initiative Spec”

Eduardo Silva

“Fluent Bit: Solving Logging Challenges for Cloud Native Environments”

Eric Myhre

“Path-agnostic binaries, co-installable libraries, and How To Have Nice Things”

Frank Becker

“Is my system fast?”

Iago López Galeiras

“HTTP tunneling in Go using HTTP/2 streams”

Johannes Weiner

“Resource Control @FB”

Klaus Kämpf

“From Physical to Cloud to Container”

Lennart Poettering

“Portable Services are Ready to Use” | “systemd in 2018”

Lindsay Salisbury

“Container Run-times and Fun-times”

Liz Rice

“A debugger from scratch ”

Matthias Brugger

“Kexec/Kdump under the hood ”

Paul Menzel

“LinuxBoot and booting fast”

Philipp Krenn

“Scale Your Auditing Events”

Philip Withnall

“Peer to peer OS and flatpak updates”

Robert Foss

“Running Android on the Mainline Graphics Stack”

Sargun Dhillon

“Titus: Adventures in Multi-tenant Scheduling”

Simon Peter

“2018 Desktop Linux Platform Issues”

Stef Walter

“Using Machine Learning to find Linux bugs” | “Is Cockpit Secure?”

Stéphane Graber

“Past, present and future of system containers”

Suchakra Sharma

“Configuration Driven Event Tracing with Traceleft and eBPF”

Sylvain Afchain

“Efficient Network Analytics with BPF/eBPF using Skydive”

Tejun Heo

“Resource Control @FB”

Theresa Enghardt

“The Future of Networking APIs”

Thomas Graf

“Cilium - Bringing the BPF Revolution to Kubernetes Networking and Security”

Tom Gundersen

“nettools” | “dbus-broker”

Vincent Batts

“Container Runtimes: draw some lines” | “Passive filesystem verification”

Vivek Das Mohapatra


William Smith

“Monitoring Linux Capabilities in the Container using BPF”

Zeal Jagannatha

“Chef in Strange Places”

Zeeshan Ali

“Fearless Multimedia Programming”