Cyborg Teams
2017-10-22, 10:00–10:45, Event Loft

n the Cockpit project we’ve done something amazing: We’ve built “robot” contributors to an Open Source project. “Cockpituous”, our project’s #5 contributor, is actually our automated team members.

Bots do the mundane tasks that would otherwise use up the time of human contributors. During the talk you can see them self-organizing, finding issues, contributing code changes, making decisions, releasing the software into Linux distros and containers. They work in a completely distributed, organic way, and run in containers.

We’ll talk about how humans are pair-programming with bots, and moving at a pace that would be unthinkable otherwise.

Treating the bots as team members is fundamental to achieving this. I’m excited to show you how to pull that off.

Happy humans, tired machines