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Ben Breard is the Technology Product Manager for Linux Containers at Red Hat where he focuses on driving the container roadmap, RHEL Atomic Host, and evangelizing open source technology in his free time.

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Cockpit: A Linux sysadmin session in your Browser

Cockpit is an open source project that has built the new system admin UI for Linux. It turns Linux server into something discoverable and usable. Its goal is to remove the steep learning curve for Linux deployments.

Cockpit lets you immediately dive into things like storage, network configuration, system log diagnosis, container troubleshooting and Kubernetes orchestration. All while being zero-footprint: It goes away when not in use. Cockpit interacts well with other management configuration tools, it reacts instantly to system changes made elsewhere.

We'll look at how Cockpit is an actual linux user session that you drive through your browser, running with user privileges, and accesses to the native system APIs and tools.

You'll be able to build new pieces of sysadmin UI as fast as you write a shell script. In fact we'll do it on stage in a few minutes.

Cyborg Teams

n the Cockpit project we’ve done something amazing: We’ve built “robot” contributors to an Open Source project. “Cockpituous”, our project’s #5 contributor, is actually our automated team members.

Bots do the mundane tasks that would otherwise use up the time of human contributors. During the talk you can see them self-organizing, finding issues, contributing code changes, making decisions, releasing the software into Linux distros and containers. They work in a completely distributed, organic way, and run in containers.

We’ll talk about how humans are pair-programming with bots, and moving at a pace that would be unthinkable otherwise.

Treating the bots as team members is fundamental to achieving this. I’m excited to show you how to pull that off.