Alban Crequy
  • Using BPF in Kubernetes
Alexander Larsson
  • Portals, dynamic permissions in Flatpak
Alfonso Acosta

David Herrmann is a software engineer at Red Hat working on the linux kernel.

  • High-performance Linux monitoring with eBPF
Andrew Martin
  • Insecure containers?
Arvid E. Picciani

A mindful polyglot, Vincent Batts has spent the last 15 years participating in the Linux and open source community. Presently involved on the Open Containers Initiative as a maintainer and on the technical board. Still a current member of Slackware Core Team and has been a maintainer on the Docker project as well as the Go programming language for Fedora and Red Hat. He is currently working on container architecture in Red Hat's Office of Technology.

  • kubernetes for toasters?
Blake Irvin
  • Incremental Adoption of Open Services with Habitat
Brian 'redbeard' Harrington
  • Fix, forget, or forge a new path?
Carlos Martín Nieto
  • Creating your own 1password clone
Chris Down

Tom works at Red Hat, and hacks on networkd and bus1.

  • cgroupv2: Linux's new unified control group hierarchy
Cornelius Schumacher

Daniel Walsh has worked in the computer security field for over 30 years.
Dan is a Consulting Engineer at Red Hat. He joined Red Hat in August 2001.
Dan leads the Red Hat Container Engineering team since August 2013, but has
been working on container technology for several years. Dan has made many
contributions to the docker project. Dan has also developed a lot of the
software on Project Atomic. He has led the SELinux project, concentrating on
the application space and policy development. Dan helped developed sVirt,
Secure Virtualization as well as the SELinux Sandbox back in RHEL6 an early
desktop container tool. Previously, Dan worked Netect/Bindview's on
Vulnerability Assessment Products and at Digital Equipment Corporation working on the Athena Project, AltaVista Firewall/Tunnel (VPN) Products.
Dan has a BA in Mathematics from the College of the Holy Cross and a MS in
Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
Twitter: rhatdan

  • Building containers all day
Davide Cavalca
  • systemd @ Facebook — a year later
David Strauss
  • Streamlining systemd's code and safety
  • Unbreaking reloads: strategies for fast and non-blocking reconfiguration
Djalal Harouni
  • Modern deployment for Embedded Linux and IoT
Dongsu Park
  • kube-spawn: testing multi-node Kubernetes clusters on Linux systems
Drew Moseley
  • The IoT botnet wars, Linux devices, and the absence of basic security hardening
  • Software updates for connected Linux devices: key requirements
Eric Myhre
  • Containers: What Did We Learn?
Gianluca Borello
  • Really crazy container troubleshooting stories
Holger Levsen
  • Reproducible Builds - where do we want to go tomorrow?
Hugo Tavares Reis
  • Virtualization: what changed in the last decade
Iago López Galeiras

I'm a Production Engineer at Facebook on the Operating Systems team.

  • State of the rkt container runtime
Jamie Winsor

CTO & co-founder at Kinvolk. Into rkt, bpf, systemd, kubernetes.

  • Getting Started with Habitat
Jon Boulle

Drew is currently part of the open source project to deploy OTA software updates to embedded Linux devices. He has worked on embedded projects such as RAID storage controllers, Direct and Network attached storage devices and graphical pagers.

He has spent the last 7 hears working in Operating System
Professional Services helping customers develop production
embedded Linux systems. He has spent his career in embedded
software and developer tools and has focused on Embedded Linux
and Yocto for about 10 years. He is currently a Technical
Solutions Engineer at Northern.Tech (the company behind the OSS project, helping customers develop safer, more secure connected devices.

He worked previously as a Technical Project Manager and Professional Services Engineer for Mentor Graphics. Previous to that, he has worked with Red Hat, Intel, and Monta Vista Software. He was raised in Tampa, Florida and attended the University of Florida.

  • What's in a container? The OCI Answer
Jussi Pakkanen

Marcel Holtmann is working at Intel's Open Source Technology Center. He is the maintainer of the BlueZ open source Bluetooth stack and has been working on Bluetooth technology since 2001. Marcel chairs the Bluetooth Internet Working Group and is a member of the Bluetooth Architectural Review Board.

  • Meson and the changing Linux build landscape
Kalyan Dikshit

Michael Olbrich is an open-source developer with a focus on platform integration on embedded Linux. He works as a full-time Linux developer for Pengutronix. His job is to provide a smooth Linux experience on embedded devices from init systems to graphics and multimedia frameworks. He is the main maintainer for PTXdist, an embedded Linux distribution. He has contributed to systemd in an effort to increase its usefulness on embedded systems.

  • Securing Home Automation with Tor
Lennart Poettering
  • Containers without a Container Manager, with systemd
  • Synchronizing images with casync
Marcel Holtmann
  • Introducing Bluetooth Mesh
  • Update on new WiFi daemon for Linux
Martin Pitt
  • Simulate hardware for integration testing
Matthew Garrett
  • Building a secure boot chain to userland
Maxime Hadjinlian
  • Tango with systemd
Max Leonard Inden
  • What If Component xxx Dies? Introducing Self-Healing Kubernetes
Michael Olbrich
  • Updating Embedded Systems -- Putting it all Together
Michael Schubert
  • A gentle introduction to [e]BPF
  • Landlock LSM: Towards unprivileged sandboxing
Nikolai Kondrashov

Chris Down is a Production Engineer on Facebook's Web Foundation team, based in London. He is responsible for debugging and resolving major production issues, and improving the reliability and efficiency of Facebook's systems. He also is a contributor to Facebook's open source efforts, including osquery, an operating system instrumentation framework for OS X and Linux.

  • Journal as a Storage and Other Adventures in User Session Recording
Stef Walter

Ben Breard is the Technology Product Manager for Linux Containers at Red Hat where he focuses on driving the container roadmap, RHEL Atomic Host, and evangelizing open source technology in his free time.

  • Cockpit: A Linux sysadmin session in your Browser
  • Cyborg Teams
Stephen Hemminger
  • Azure networking integration challenges
Sylvain Afchain
  • Education: Dresden University of Technology, diploma in Computer Science
  • 2004 - 2016: Ubuntu developer at Canonical, most recently focusing on plumbing (particularly systemd), building distribution-wide CI, and release management
  • since 2017: Developing Cockpit at Red Hat
  • Network troubleshooting in heterogeneous cloud environment with Skydive
Theresa Enghardt
  • Which network to use when - Socket Intents
Zeal Jagannatha

Software engineer at Endocode (, Berlin.

  • Using systemd for containers @ Facebook
Zeeshan Ali
  • Rust memory management
Zoltan Puskas

Djalal is an Open Source developer, systemd project maintainer, and a Linux kernel developer. Currently Djalal works on Embedded Linux projects and device drivers. He also works on the Linux kernel Self Protection Project, adding security mechanism for Containers, Embedded Systems and IoT. In the past, he worked on several research projects around Security and Software Verification based on compilers and GCC plug-ins.

  • Using systemd for containers @ Facebook