A story of a bootloader^W^Wthree bootloaders
2023-09-14, 12:00–12:25 (Europe/Berlin), Main Hall

This talk will explore the ideas from Lennart's "Fitting Everything Together"
blog post, particularly the A/B partitioning scheme and its bootloader design,
comparing it with the approach used on the SteamDeck. Spoiler alert, we're not
using sd-boot.

We will focus on the requirements that drove us to the latter design, some
implementation details, and hurdles we needed to overcome to achieve that

Lastly, the idea of finding common ground will be entertained where audience
participation is greatly encouraged. What features would be acceptable by the
wider systemd community? Would those be enough for the SteamDeck to jump ship?

Open source developer, geeking across the stack

Former #mesa3d release manager, Linux, Mesa, Xorg, Wayland, libva ... contributor.

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