Why would you still want to use strace in 2023?
2023-09-13, 12:00–12:25 (Europe/Berlin), Dome

strace is a traditional userspace tracer utility for Linux, implemented using ptrace API. Despite of the abundance of various kernel tracing interfaces nowadays, there are certain classes of tasks that are still better served by strace. In this talk the maintainer of strace will provide examples of such tasks.

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Dmitry is a long time contributor to free software projects, including strace, Linux kernel, the GNU libc, Linux-PAM, systemd, and many others.
Being the maintainer of strace since 2009, Dmitry gives talks about this tool for various audiences.

A strace developer. Used to work in an HPC-related field. Currently employed at Red Hat as a software engineer in the kernel maintainers team, responsible for producing Driver Updates, and maintenance of various RHEL packages, including strace and Intel CPU microcode updates.