Writing your own NixOS modules for fun and (hopefully) profit
2023-09-14, 11:00–11:25 (Europe/Berlin), Dome

This talk will be a whirlwind overview of NixOS modules and the lessons I've learned with maintaining and writing new ones.

Nix modules are the core of how you organize configuration and service config, but there's a lot of "draw the rest of the owl" subtext as to how you actually go about writing them. This talk covers some best practices for how to write and organize your NixOS modules so that you can have fun and hopefully profit from it.

Xe Iaso is an Archmage of Infrastructure who loves to work with various programming languages, data mashups and WebAssembly. Their blog xeiaso.net is regularly cited as one of the best places to learn Nix and NixOS. Xe is passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with others, and has given talks at various conferences and events. Xe is also a coffee lover, a voice control enthusiast and a proud owner of a cheese grater that saved Christmas.