Linux distro should be an upstream contributor too
09-21, 16:30–17:10 (Europe/Berlin), Loft

Come and learn about packit: tooling which enables you to integrate your upstream project into Fedora linux.

Imagine a world where Linux distributions provide feedback about using your upstream project back to the project. So that when you are working on a change, you'll know right away:
* if it builds or a project Z changed API again
* if it works or that your change doesn't work with older systemd which this distro has
* or if your change breaks components which depend on your project

That's not all! If we have a service which can do all of this, why not propose a new upstream release automatically as a change to the linux distro once the release is done? Wouldn't it be awesome if upstream developers could control and track in which version their software is in Fedora 30?

Sounds interesting? Please join us in this session and learn more about the packit tool and the packit service: tooling which makes your dream come true.