Using BPF in Kubernetes
2017-10-22, 08:45–09:15, Event Loft

In this talk, I will present different use cases for using BPF in a Kubernetes cluster. BPF is a Linux in-kernel virtual machine and there are different kinds of BPF programs for different subsystems that will be considered: kprobes, traffic control, cgroups, LSM. I’ll follow with concrete examples, such as Weave Scope’s HTTP Statistics plugin. Finally, I’ll share tips and tricks on how to develop your own BPF programs in Kubernetes with the libraries bcc and gobpf, and show ways of easily test those with SemaphoreCI and rkt.

Linux superpowers in the cloud
BPF and Kubernetes are both Open Source technologies on Linux but their respective communities initially had little overlaps. I want to bring more visibility of what BPF can offer to Kubernetes users and developers.