Tango with systemd
2017-10-22, 14:45–15:10, Galerie

Used by many major distributions, systemd is widely known in the desktop and
server world. But it is not so common to find it in embedded product.
In this talk, we will show how systemd can be a real benefit for the embedded
world; for both your sanity and your time.
We will discuss how systemd was integrated into Phantom, a speaker from
Devialet, and what was the pro and cons of using it.

Building a product from scratch is a challenge, even more so with a small team.
Every line of code that you don't have to maintain; every hour you win by using
an already existing piece of code that solve your problem, is more hours you
can spend creating new features for your product.
Using systemd in an embedded device is not a choice done by many, but it can be
really beneficial to your product, your team and yourself.
We'll first start discussing how to reduce systemd to debunk the fact that it's
Then we will see the benefits of using systemd and how it can help you build
your system without worrying.