Incremental Adoption of Open Services with Habitat
2017-10-21, 09:00–09:15, Event Loft

Open services mark a paradigm shift similar to the disruption caused by open-source software in the 90s, but the path to effective adoption of open services tooling is sometimes unclear. Blake will share patterns and learnings from his experience integrating one such tool, Habitat, at smartB GmbH.

The modern computing world revolves around delivering applications as services. Until recently, massively scalable services were the specialized domain of tech giants, and attempts by small teams to reproduce the tooling available to Fortune 100 players often led to frustration and wasted time.

Habitat is part of a new family of tools aimed at making application runtimes and service orchestration layers safe, repeatable and fully open.

At smartB, Blake has brought Habitat to his org to reduce operational complexity, guarantee application runtime behavior and provide dependency isolation and transparency for applications and their corollary security profiles. smartB is his 5th startup in 10 years and his first foray into sustainability engineering.