All Systems Go! is the foundational user-space Linux conference held Sept. 28th - 30th in Berlin. It consists of 2-days of presentations followed by 1 hackfest day. Full presentation slots are 30-45 minutes in length and lightning talk slots are 5-10 minutes.

The Call For Presentation proposals is now open! You can submit a presentation by creating an account or signing in to an existing account.

All topic relevant to the user-space of Linux are welcome. In particular, we are looking for proposals including, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Low-level container executors and infrastructure

  • IoT and embedded OS infrastructure

  • BPF

  • OS, container, IoT image delivery and updating

  • Building Linux devices and applications

  • Low-level desktop technologies

  • Networking

  • System and service management

  • Tracing and performance measuring

  • IPC and RPC systems

  • Security and Sandboxing

While our focus is definitely more on the user-space side of things, talks about kernel projects are welcome too, as long as they have a clear and direct relevance for user-space.

You can't submit a talk, because this conference is in the past.