openSUSE Aeon - Desktop Linux finally done right?
2023-09-14, 15:15–15:55 (Europe/Berlin), Dome

openSUSE Aeon (formerly MicroOS Desktop) aims to be a fully fledged modern Linux Desktop leveraging as many of the latest user space innovations available including:

  • Immutable OS with Transactional Updates
  • Secure Boot
  • TPM Encryption
  • Flatpaks & OCI containers as primary application delivery

This talk will introduce the distribution, highlight the adoption of some of the latest foundational user space technologies as well as share some of the pain points being faced and invite the audience to contribute to this exciting platform.

Richard is a Distributions Architect at SUSE, where I’ve has worked in various roles since 2013, including QA Engineer, Technical Lead for openQA, and Linux Distribution Engineer.

An SUSE/openSUSE user since 2003, finding himself helping out more and more as time went on.

He has been intimately involved in many of openSUSE’s most interesting projects over the years, including Evergreen, Leap, Tumbleweed, MicroOS and Kubic.

He had the pleasure of being the openSUSE Project’s Chairperson from 2014 until 2019.

Most recently, He founded the MicroOS Desktop project, now known as openSUSE Aeon.